The Galleon
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The Galleon is our 1 pound rum cake glistening with Carolina pecans and sugar crunch topping. Made with the highest quality ingredients, rum and just a hint of orange. Outer Banks Rum Cakes® products are truly a treasure to taste and behold. Get yours today!
Outer Banks Rum Cakes®


Lauralee 8 November
How wonderful that this is continuing via the 4th generation of women that are part of the Outer Banks Rum Cake tradition. Nice to see things welcomed and handed down through family’s. I bet your mom is very proud of her Lindsay & Jenny.

8 November 
Sitting by the fireplace with your Rum Cake sounds great for all!

6 November 
That picture of the delicious Outer Banks Rum Cake makes me think of sitting out on the front porch with company having a bite of cake and drinking Sweet Tea. Such fond memories of the South.

6 November, 12:32 pm
Outer Banks rum cake is delicious. This is a wonderful story of family, love, and celebration of life. You guys are the absolute best!

She got it and just loved it! She got balloons and flowers, but this was the only cake, and she was happy to have something to share with the family who could actually go see her that day...I told her the story of first finding your rum cake in a hardware store, and she was just delighted with that image... :)
Thank you again, your efforts went a long way to making a simple gesture quite special for someone who needed a little joy on a special day.
...And we love your rumcake!
~Carol NJ

Got the cakes today... Unbelievable!!!! Like literally the best dessert ever!!!! I will be ordering more very soon!! Mother's Day better come quick or my mom's not getting hers!! Lol !! Take care!!
~Leigha. Raleigh, NC

I received the wonderful, delicious Outer Banks Rum Cake and I have already eaten over a third of it, all by myself.  It is simply the very best rum cake, no the very best cake, that I have eaten in a very long time… moist and tasty !! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in sending me the special treat. I will definitely tell all of my friends, especially with the holidays coming up.    Many, many thanks. You have made my weekend the best !! 
~Nancy. Blacksburg, VA

The Rum Cakes were a big hit.  They were delicious!  I'll be talking to you again next time we have an event.
~Lisa. Outer Banks, NC

Forgot to tell you..I ended up buying three of the small ones for Christmas. NONE of them survived more than hour. I'll buy the big one's next year. Beats the crap outta a fruit cake :)) 
~Russ. Outer Banks, NC

Loved it, loved it.   Saw the write up on your cake in the fall.  Picked one up at Harris Teeter and have never tasted a better rum cake.   Congratulations on a excellent product and best of luck with your new company.  I hope the food network finds you!
Outer Banks Rum Cakes: Taste the Treasure!

What it is: A Kill Devil Hills company who makes the best rum cakes we’ve ever had! The adorable box tells the legend of “Kill Devil Jill,” a pirate gal who survived a ship wreck off the coast of NC along with a barrel of rum “strong enough to kill the devil.” Jill shared her rum with the locals who rescued her and an Outer Banks tradition was born!

~Sun Realty Wesbite. Outer Banks, NC
~Eileen. Comment from website.

"By the way... we ate your RUM CAKES today - and the first thing my wife said - CAN WE ORDER THEM ONLINE?

I told her we can drive back to OUTER BANKS to experience the full pleasure or your CAKES :)"
~Pasha. Myrtle Beach, SC

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