The Legend
Behind every great taste, is a great story and Outer Banks Rum Cakes auspicious beginning is no exception. Where does the delicious tale begin? Read on...
Centuries ago, a pirate ship transporting barrels of rum sank off the coast of North Carolina.

There were only three survivors that night – Kill Devil Jill, a cunning, dark eyed, raven-haired pirate gal, Mac, the pirate gals daring and loyal shaggy dog, and a barrel of rum, “strong enough to kill the devil” they said.

It was the locals that found Kill Devil Jill, Mac and the barrel of rum that night. In celebration and appreciation, Kill Devil Jill shared the rum with her new mates. Strong though it was, the locals discovered you could preserve anything with this rum that would “kill the devil”. And so it was, an Outer Banks tradition was born!

Sweet yet satisfying, this Outer Banks Rum Cakes has been part of local history for almost 300 years. Perfect as a gift, or a scRUMptious souvenir, we invite you to Taste the Treasure of the Outer Banks.
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